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Minimum number of players to play the game is 8 . We reccomend 10 players and more. Minimum use of 3000 paintballs for the group is required. Maximum number of players is 34 inside the paintball field.

7,00 EUR

Fee per player for renting the complete paintball gear for the whole paintball session of approx. 3-4 hours

(weapon, magazines, CO2 refill, protective mask, neck protector, knee pads, protective vest, military camouflage overall, gloves, great paintball field included)

5,60 EUR

Fee for 100 used paintballs

(e.g. Price for a player who shoots 300 rounds is 7 + (3 x 5,60) = 23,80 Eur; 29,40 Eur for 400 rounds; 33,50 Eur for 500 rounds etc. )

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