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Paintball is one of the fastest growing action sports in the world, also here in Slovakia. It is also an excellent opportunity how to experience the real thrill like in some action film. Enjoy a shootout, a pursuit, hide and plan tactical military manoeuvres to overcome and eliminate the enemy. What’s more, you can be sure it is safer than football or tennis.

Our paintball field is located right in the forest coppice on uneven terrain with interesting natural objects and obstacles, which produces the right atmosphere for true adrenalin fun and adventure in military style. There are various game scenarios to choose from, such as conquering a territory, freeing captives, defending a territory until reinforcements arrive, and so on. There is a referee present for each game, who makes sure instructions and rules are respected in the interest of player safety and to ensure fair play.

Paintball is an excellent teambuilding activity, and is often part of social and company events. Come and see battles and contests, and take advantage of an „all inclusive“ full kit.

Our field can also be rented by active players from other clubs. The minimum age for taking part is 15, but children from 12 years of age can play when accompanied by a parent. You can play paintball here occasionally or become a member of the paintball club with regular meetings of club members.

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