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Paintball is one of the most popular action team sports both home and abroad. The ELÁN paintball club has started its 6th year of existence and has greatly improved the quality of its paintball field recently. Play paintball at one of the best military paintball wood fields around Bratislava with full military paintball gear and realistic looking paintball weapons. This military field contains more than 65 3D object, some of them you can climb up to. Spectators or hit players are safe in a safe zone behind the protecting net and still can enjoy the realistic paintball battles. Also good service from our staff is provided there, as well as liquids during the game. The arena is playable even when it rains a little. Its dimensions are 120 by 80 metres and your game can last up to 4 hours. This is not a regular paintball, this is a quality military paintball at special wood place. Visit us and prove it yourself. You will not be disappointed, as TOPpaintball proudly stands for and can deffend its name all the time.



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The completely new paintball field in Bernolákovo park wood is one of the biggest to be built in a wood with a true “Military” design, covering 120x80 metres and meeting the highest standard of even the most demanding paintball fans.

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Flak02.jpg The paintball arena is in the middle of the forest on uneven terrain, with one part being on a hill, bordered on one side by water and on the other by a hill slope, while spectators are protected by a net and have a fantastic view of everything that is going on. The arena is easily accessible by car , has its parking, and its just a 10-minutes driving from Bratislava. Next >
Flak03.jpg Numerous teams can play on such a large field, with up to 30 players able to play simultaneously. Next >
Flak04.jpg Complete MILITARY paintball kit at present we have 30 complete paintball kits available (see what the kit includes below). Next >
Flak05.jpg You choose the game scenario that you wish: e.g. conquering a territory, liberating captives, defending a territory until reinforcements arrive, capturing central flags, capturing enemy flags, eliminating all enemies, escorting a VIP, deadmatch, "strike-deffend with two bases" and so on. Next >
Flak06.jpg Our staff are always at your disposal during the game to provide a full service for paintball weapons, refilling ammunition, cleaning masks after being hit, as well as animation of the various game scenarios. We act as referees for games and always put your safety first, of course, while ensuring you have the best paintball experience possible. Next >
Flak07.jpg Other options : You can have the field for 3 hours of paintball games. We also cater for larger company groups accompanied by other activities – see the website Next >
Flak08.jpg You will receive free refreshments as a gift from us (mineral water). Next >
Flak09.jpg We can also compile a CD of photographs or film your game for you.

Paintball weapons

You can choose from different types of military paintball weapons before the game begins, like the AK47, M4, MP5, M16 and more. These rifles are imitations of real weapons, similar to realistic airsoft rifles.
List of paintball rifles to choose from:.

Paintball gear

  • protective mask
  • neck protector
  • protective vest
  • gloves
  • weapon, magazines, CO2 refills
  • knee pads
  • military camouflage suit
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