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Military Paintball field in Bernolakovo is one of the largest paintball fields in natural environment near Bratislava. Its an official shooting range for paintball, so safety rules have to be obeyed and there is always present a shooting instructor (and service person). Its dimensions spread to 120 meters of length and 80 meters wide, surrounded by the river on one side and a hill on the other side. All the paintball objects, its perfect location and special design of all the objects and installations have added up to the real battlefield atmosphere of the paintball game. Its inside a wood with high and thick trunks of trees, wooden trunks cut and piled up, bunkers and trunks dig out in the ground, high shooting posts for snipers and great for deffenders and there are also some small wooden shelters - ideal for hiding and surprising the enemy, some of them have two floors. It has 6 high sniper posts, more than 50 objects to hide behind and shoot from. The battlefield is well balanced and there are 4 options as where to start the game from. Therefore, its different and variable with every game played. It supports "runners" as well as "campers". There is a safety zone for eliminated players or for spectators where all are safe and still with a perfect overview of the game. Service and assistance is provided at all times, as well as proposal for various scenarios from the dhooting instructor.

The paintball field is only 6 km from Bratislava on a private property of the local golf club, so your privacy will be guaranteed. Parking is also possible right next to the field. You will certainly enjoy playing paintball the best possible way and leave from us with great experience and feelings. We are looking forward to seeing you this season.

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